Monday, February 1, 2010

The Freelance Transition

It's official: I've been bitten by the freelance bug. And after 10 months, it's gotten to be a lot of fun.

Last year at this time, I never expected to be able to sustain myself by freelancing. As a proponent of the old model of survival (ie. working 40 hours a week complete with lunch break, smoke break and hotmail checking), I thought I would work for a newspaper for 50 years, leave with the gold Timex and move to the Villages in Florida. Of course, the idea of being able to have a career in a suitcase never occurred to me. I will admit, I hated the Internet a mere six years ago, because I thought it was destroying the old way of life. You know, the one where men in fedoras would sit at the dinner table and thumb through the daily paper after a long day of work. If you need a visual, watch the Christmas Story. When Ralphie isn't try to connive his parents into buying him a hand cannon, his father is eagerly looking for the Bears/Giants score in the paper.

I don't think I've made enough money yet to live lavishly, but I can buy the occasional steak and pair of jeans from the Gap. I'm stealing learning how to find work online and am totally open to any suggestions.