Sunday, July 11, 2010

No More Bridges

I just came back from two trips to Vermont and for the first time in my 33 years, I had to ride a ferry to make a journey. I keep up with my reading about the now-destroyed Lake Champlain Bridge and the last few times I've gone to Vermont, it was via the long way (ie. The Fabulous New York State Thruway and up Rt. 7). Any journey that begins with the Thruway is never a good one. If the boredom from a two-hour straight shot doesn't get you, the lack of quality eats and the $8 burgers at Roy Rogers will.

So, in order to avoid the mind freeze, I decided to be tough last week and load my prized automobile aboard the Essex Ferry and take that into Vermont. You can see the picture. Although I come from a family of fisherman dating back to somewhere in Poland in the 1800s, I do not do water well. I frequently get sea-sick no matter which type of aquatic conveyance I'm on and no one has ever taken me fishing. This time things were different. The ferry plodded along and the ride was completely smooth. Vermont has always struck me with its natural beauty, but the ferry gave it a completely new perspective. It's amazing to me that this state is connected to New York because the scenery and mentality are completely different. That's why I keep going back and can't wait to settle there.

This week, I'm going back and yup, there's another ferry ride in the future. I'm sure more pics and even a video will follow.