Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maintaining Focus: The Ted Nugent Effect

Something hit me yesterday when I was trying to eat a hot dog my friend bought me from a convenience store. Convenience store hot dogs should only be eaten in instances of extreme hunger - like when you're on the edge of the Mojave or the Armageddon has just went down and you can't light the stove and make Campbells soup. But that's not what I was thinking about.

A person is hard-pressed to remain focused when they're out of the office environment and people in slacks and key cards have been replaced by vagrants who bet on horses and argue which college basketball team has the sexiest mascot. The key is to rally around your professional friends who actually dole out solid advice and don't bother with mentions of "slush funds" or "the Vegas trip." It's easy to get caught in the mix of dart night at the local watering hole or trying to figure out why the cat is afraid of aluminum if you're not careful. I call this "The Ted Nugent Effect." Why? Because when I lived in Michigan, it seems like legions of Ted Nugent zealots were driven into this mass hysteria where all they wanted to do was drink beer, hunt, and listen to Fred Bear backwards.

I can honestly say that amid the chaos of the past year, freelancing, interviewing, and trips to the Gap, I've done a pretty decent job of staying sharp and keeping my eye on the prize. I think it's a combination of being determined, having a goal, and surrounding yourself with great people. I've been blessed with successful friends who have huge hearts and now, it's time to think of a way to say thanks.

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